Saturday, 1 February 2014

Romance? Lost cause…

I haven't got a romantic bone in my body: there, I said it. I'm so damn grounded, that I'm also a salesman's nightmare - I see everything for what it really is. Cold hearted cow? Sometimes, yeah (just ask my ex ;) )... but when I get passionate about something, boy! do you know I'm passionate (oh, and yes, I used the 'p' word there - please don't use it in your job ad')... anyhoo...

It's almost February 14th. What does that mean to me? Bugger all. It's just another monetized commercial rip-off day. I got engaged on February 9th, so that's our day... yet what to do, what to do??? I'm not romantic, remember! I already do the washing-up , so can't make that gesture; I even do the laundry too... ;)

But, to illustrate, this is me:
Don't give me red roses - I prefer yellow (and so does the wife, funnily enough) :D
Don't whisper sweet-nothings into my ear - try 'arping on about HTML or PHP :D


The wife cooks, but I’m only capable to of cheese-on-toast, and she’d never let me loose in the kitchen. We’re not into dinning out either. A cosy night on the couch? Yeah, that’s the idea: together time. Oh damn it! I love her, too much sometimes (Is that possible, you may ask? Sure it is: when you meet the right person, it can hurt… ). I suppose the most romantic gesture I could make, one she’ll KNOW is for real… I could shut my laptop down for the night!

Am I a lost cause? Well, my fave patron saint is Saint Jude…