Monday, 31 August 2009

Doctor Who: Shepton Mallet

August 2009

Oh yes! A weekend away with my lovely 'cuzzy', thanks to Auntie Mags, and where do we go? Aye: Shepton Mallet when there just happens to be a Doctor Who convention - ah, what a coincidence.

Cuzzy did all the driving, seeing as I can't, and what do we see on the border of Somerset? Only an advertising banner for The Wurzels!!! Not stereotyped at all. But in the true sense of a Doctor Who weekend, we also spotted directions to a local quarry, so all was well.

We stayed at a gorgeous B&B, Burnt House Farm in Drove, just a few miles from Shepton Mallet.

We really felt welcome, and not only made friends with the lovely family there, but also the dogs and alpaca... yes, that's right: alpaca.

Probably best not mention that we nick-named this one Frazer.. ;)

Saturday was Wells day, or as cuzzy will have you know: 'Hot Fuzz' worship day. Photographs at St.Cuthbert's church, but not to stand under the tower - I've no idea why, as I've yet to see the film. Although I'm assured that spotting the swan on the castle moat meant a big deal. We wandered round the cathedral, and the town itself. Spotted a card with an almost de-kilted man on the front, which was nice - only to get back to the B&B to discover cuzzy had bought it for me (she knows me too well).

And so to the Sunday: Doctor Who Day, at the ACADEMY THEATRE, Shepton Mallet.
So, who was there... cuzzy, Marion and Barry... oh, and ME!!!

Me and Marion - don't ask.

But seriously - said good morning to Colin Baker as he arrived: charming man, who has so much time for the fans, and happy to stop for photos and a chat. Next to walk past was Anneke Wills and Ben Craze - so I said morning to them too. I think Ben was a bit surprised he'd been recognised.

The full line-up went something like this:
Wendy Padbury
Companion Zoe
Mary Tamm
Companion Romana
Sarah Sutton
Companion Nyssa
Deborah Watling
Companion Victoria
Frazer Hines
Companion Jamie
Anneke Wills
Companion Polly
Wanda Ventham
Guest Star ('The Faceless Ones', 'Image of the Fendahl', 'Time and the Rani')
Tracey Childs
Guest Star (New Series 'The Fires of Pompeii')
Ben Craze
Son of Michael Craze, companion Ben
Dee Sadler
Guest Star (Flowerchild 'The Greatest Show in the Galaxy')
Damaris Hayman
Guest Star (Miss Hawthorn 'The Daemons')
Lisa Bowerman
Guest Star (Cara 'Survival', Big Finish Bernice Summerfield)

Yes, there was a bit of mischief around Frazer's table: MARION! ... and it wasn't the first time that day now was it, eh? Mind you, I'm to blame for him flashing a bit of leg (not that he needed much encouragement). He had a fab tie on.

Frazer - TARDIS tie!!! - Marion

I also had a bit of a laugh standing in for Tim Hirst at Anneke's table - I hope that guy knew I was joking, but he did stick around, so ....

Also managed to tell Wendy Padbury I hated her. Well, there was this beautiful photo of her, so I said she looked gorgeous in it, and in real life too... I know, sickeningly cheesy (but true), so I had to address the balance and say I hated her, out of jealousy... :D

Wendy and Barry (told you she's still gorgeous).

And, of course, there was also the TARDIS

And that was the weekend... oh, apart from adding that cuzzy and I lived on JellyBabies, crisps and chocolate. I also fell in love with the cows on the other side of the valley from the B&B, but cuzzy wouldn't let me bring a couple home - something to do with scratching her paintwork: spoil-sport (but I think it was because she wanted to bring a certain alpaca home, and knew there'd not be room for us all).

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Author on Author: Steven Savile

AJ Tata: You are an international bestselling author having sold 250,000 copies with books printed in 14 different languages. To what do you attribute your broad appeal to such a variety of people?

Steven Savile: I don't know about you, but when I write I make a series of conscious choices that are outside of the writing, and one of them is made purely with the understanding that reading is a voluntary habit and is financed by residual income - the same income that pays for nights at the cinema, an evening at the sports bar, a packet of cigarettes, etc - so every word I write is competing with these vices."

Variance Publishing:
For the rest of the interview, click here.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Silver - Steven Savile interview

McAfee Land has a rather nice interview with Steven Savile.

"I read the description of SILVER, and I have to say it sounds very interesting. Would you mind telling us a little about the book for the benefit of those who have not read anything about it?

Well, hmm, that’s harder to do than you’d think. I mean, Silver is a political thriller, for sure. It’s a religious thriller, absolutely. But not in any way you’d expect. The roots are in messianic prophecies, Judaism, Nostradamus’ predictions of the antichrist, and the nature of fear and how it works in the every day world we now live in. It’s a big book. Almost twice the length of anything I’ve done before, but it’s a page turner. The core concept is that the 30 pieces of silver that Judas was paid have been melted down into a dagger and fundamentalists plan to use it to usher in the the next messiah… "

continued here