Sunday, 26 August 2012


I got a wee bit of a shock yesterday when, following a link posted by Steven Savile on Facebook, I noticed the list of Kindle editions for his books had grown somewhat. Needless to say, being a true fan of his scribbles (scroll down through a few of my previous posts for proof), I set about obtaining a handful of these titles, and here's the evidence of my lapsed stalker duties:

Yup, that's twelve titles in total, with a couple more just out of view... :D

Steven has details on his website Ebooks & Audio, and Amazon has a grand supply of these and many more on Steven's page.

I've a lot of reading to do, it would seem. And with a trip to Oktoberfest coming up soon, I'm glad I'm not a great drinker, so hope to remain sober enough to enjoy a few pages.

Keep 'em coming Steven... :)

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Betsy and I…

got married

Open-mouthed smile