Thursday, 15 October 2009

Crisps with Steven Savile

Well, okay.... a slight porkie: there were no crisps, but there was coffee, diet coke, and a fruit scone!

Monique and her friend Greeny (so named as she has green hair) joined us at Costa Piccadilly, sat within sight of the East Window of St. James' (which I bored everyone about having ancestors married there in 1793). We managed a good couple of hours with just Steven having bought a single drink... some girly beverage with lots of frothy milk... ;) - but to make up for it, he managed to lower the tone with talk about cack, poo and plop (sweets, of which we all agreed we'd never eat, and have probably spelt wrong).

There was also much talk about books, and a wee bit about BEING 40... ;) And the most fabulously placed shameless plug of ALL time. Yes, I wrapped up one of my work's promotional pens for Steven's birthday pressie. Sheer genius, if I do say so myself. He liked the birthday card though... and yes, it was football related and taking the wee-wee out of Arse..., so all's well that ends well (now, who was it who said that?), and Steven was happy.

The poor thing was starving though, having only had a hugely expensive slap-up meal at The Langham (or some place like that). Enter the fruit scone - exit the fruit scone. Monique and I downed hot chocolates: yum!

Seems I just missed out on my arc for Silver, so will have to save my opinion of that for another time. I can, however, pop in the cover for Steven's new StarGate novel:

Further details here