Wednesday, 31 March 2010

GallifreyOne 2010 interviews

From the Youtube Channel of centralcolumn:

My interview with Tim Hirst, that's Hirst with an 'I,' the publisher of Paul Castle's book Shooty Dog Thing. Tim, who leads the British publishing house Hirst Books, was a kind guest during my interview with author Paul Castle, and was gracious enough to chime in with his own thoughts on Castle's book and the upcoming Matthew Waterhouse biography, also to be published by Hirst Books this June. For more information, please visit to see Tim's other projects, including Anneke "Polly Wright" Wills' autobiography! And, of course, the lovely Miss Wills was present during this interview as well!

To finish my interview round with Paul Castle and Tim Hirst, I spoke with Anneke Wills, who playe Polly Wright with the First and Second Doctors in 1966 and 1967. Miss Wills was on hand to promote her two book autobiography. Thank you Paul, Tim, and Anneke for the pleasant and informative conversation!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Chat Noir Productions

To the Devil his Due

Live video edited by Chat Noir Productions using material shot by the band Diamond Head, during a recording session a the Wall Studio- NEWI Wrexham.

Not the Same

Music video for the Wirral Band, the Mockbeggars, filmed at Fallen Studios Arrow Park by Chat Noir Productions Ltd. (Daniel J. Fox & Mark Ellingham).

Fallen Industries Promo

Fallen Industries Music video promo filmed and edited by Chat Noir Productions Ltd


What Chat Noir Productions says:

Chat Noir Productions is a one-stop video production facility, serving clients across the UK.

From script to screen, we can provide the service that you need to produce stunning corporate and promotional films. We can also document your seminars and private functions.

We pride ourselves on NOT using a formulaic approach to video production, tailoring every Video / DVD to our clients' individual needs. Drawing on our experience in feature films & the world of television, we not only use cinematic filming and editing, but also a variety of advanced post-production techniques such as 3D and 2D effects / animation, original orchestral scores and sound design.

Chat Noir Productions Ltd
PO box 133
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