Friday, 24 April 2009

"Naked" - Anneke Wills

Available online
through the
official Anneke Wills website

Looks like Doc2 has found a juicy bit...

Image from Tim Hirst - see, I kept it secret like you asked me too... ;D

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(managed on Anneke's behalf by her publisher, Tim Hirst)

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Monday, 20 April 2009

I have a rival shameless plugger...

... seems a certain Mr Hirst has some rather influential friends, and has called on the Doctor himself to advertise the VERY soon to be released 'Naked' second volume of Anneke Wills' autobiography...

Please visit Anneke Wills' Facebook page (managed on Anneke's behalf by her publisher, Tim Hirst) here , or the official Anneke Wills website here .

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

BBC Audio - by now you should have bought...

Well, they were released 12th March '09... so what's your excuse... ;)

Ghosts of India

written by
Mark Morris

read by
David Troughton

further details

The Doctor Trap

written by
Simon Messingham

read by
Russell Tovey

further details

Shining Darkness

written by
Mark Michalowski

read by
Debbie Chazen

further details

Monday, 6 April 2009

Mark Morris - a sneaky peak

From: the Mark Morris Q&A on Torchwood Forum

Q3: Do you prefer Torchwood or Doctor Who in general, and why?

A: It's got to be Doctor Who. I grew up with Doctor Who and have adored it since I was 4 years old. For me, it's the ultimate TV programme. The stories can be set anywhere in time and space - you can have historical intrigue one week, a humorous fantasy the week after, and a full-on gothic horror story the week after that. And it's all bound together by the most wonderful, wittiest, charismatic TV character ever devised.

I also adore it for its longevity - the sheer breadth and scale and scope of its history is awesome. I love the fact that you can bring back an enemy after 25 years, and that not only does everyone know who it is, but the return of that enemy makes front page news! It's incredible.

Also, as someone who is just interested in TV as a production medium, I love the fact that you can pretty much plot the course of TV history just by watching Doctor Who. You can see how things have changed technically over the years, and also how TV storytelling has changed. It's a fascinating journey.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

And I quote...

"... using IE is like painting a bull's-eye on your forehead
walking into a war zone
." - email from
Windows Secrets

... the 'Civil War Zone' probably...


Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Doctor Who – Planet Of The Dead

Saturday 11 April
6.45-7.45pm BBC ONE

.... say no more.


April Fool

Prank played on the members of Torchwood Forum:

It is with great regret that I must inform the members of Torchwood Forum that effective immediately, all Moderators have been removed from their positions & had their privileges revoked. Yesterday evening, it came to my attention that Moderators had been disclosing confidential information from the Moderators Boardroom to other Registered Users on the forum.

As Moderators, they are kept informed of forum developments and information about the future of the website and its yearly events. This information is given to them in trust on the understanding that they will not disclose it or discuss it with anyone outside the staff forum.

Amongst the information which was leaked was the planned date for this years Cardiff Meet Up as well as information pertaining to a possible merger of our forum with another Torchwood website. This information has only been discussed in our staff forum and I was alerted to the breach of confidentiality relating to the Meet Up when I received a Private Message from one forum member thanking me for announcing the date as they have now been able to book their flights so they can be in the UK for our Cardiff event later this year. The information regarding our merger with another site has been discussed on a forum members Facebook profile yesterday afternoon. This information could only have come from one or more of our Moderators.

Understandably, I have attempted to find out who has been leaking this information. In confronting the Moderators, two of them decided to resign. As they have informed me that one or more of the other Moderators had also been passing information from the staff room on, but they are not prepared to admit it, I have taken the decision to replace all forum Moderators.

As I'm sure you can imagine, this comes as a complete shock & disappointment to me and I’m sure it does to you all as well. Forum Moderators have a tough job, but they do get some perks, one of which the involvement and planning of the website & it's future. This betrayal of trust cannot be dismissed and I feel my actions are justified.

There will therefore be Moderator positions available which I would like to fill before next weekend (11th April 2009). Previously, applications for staff positions have only been accepted from Torchwood Elite members, but due to the urgency of filling these positions, I would like to invite all users to apply if they feel they have got what it takes. As a moderator, you will be expected to enforce the Rules & Registration Agreement of As well as enforcing the forum rules, you may also need to conduct some administrative tasks such as dealing with reported posts/topics/users, moving/locking/editing/splitting posts & topics etc.

Site Administrator

I won't say how many fell for it... but it worked...