Monday, 6 April 2009

Mark Morris - a sneaky peak

From: the Mark Morris Q&A on Torchwood Forum

Q3: Do you prefer Torchwood or Doctor Who in general, and why?

A: It's got to be Doctor Who. I grew up with Doctor Who and have adored it since I was 4 years old. For me, it's the ultimate TV programme. The stories can be set anywhere in time and space - you can have historical intrigue one week, a humorous fantasy the week after, and a full-on gothic horror story the week after that. And it's all bound together by the most wonderful, wittiest, charismatic TV character ever devised.

I also adore it for its longevity - the sheer breadth and scale and scope of its history is awesome. I love the fact that you can bring back an enemy after 25 years, and that not only does everyone know who it is, but the return of that enemy makes front page news! It's incredible.

Also, as someone who is just interested in TV as a production medium, I love the fact that you can pretty much plot the course of TV history just by watching Doctor Who. You can see how things have changed technically over the years, and also how TV storytelling has changed. It's a fascinating journey.

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