Thursday, 6 October 2011

Update for 2011

Things have been VERY busy since I last managed some bloggage, so thought I’d run through a quick update.
Way back when, my last blog was about a stage production: I went to the opening night at Peterborough with my better half Betsy, sharing supper beforehand and drinks after with members of the cast, some of whom were a tad worried when they discovered Betsy was in from ‘across the pond’, and hoped their American accents were good enough! We loved the show immensely, and I had forgotten just how much I use to enjoy the theatre, and the wonderful friendships you can find within such places, be they formed in front of, behind, or upon the stage.
The following day Betsy and I headed westward to spend a few days within deepest darkest… erm, North Wales. It rained. We saw lots of sheep. It rained. Oh, and there were some sheep too. We ate lamb, *giggles*. Betsy fell in love with the place. She wasn’t keen on the rain, but the views were stunning enough for her not to notice half the time. AND THERE WERE CASTLES… Betsy loves castles, and wants to live in one. I won’t let her. Spent enough time in a palace as a kid, and know how cold they are… and am SURE a castle would be WAY colder. Not to mention, she’ll not be able to barbecue!!!
Back to London by train. Neither of us coped well with the tube, but all credit to the staff at Euston underground station, for stopping the escalator and letting us walk down (1,000 brownie points each). Once at Waterloo, I took Betsy for a stroll to the river, and her first glance of the Clock Tower of Westminster Palace: she was very quiet – couldn’t quite believe she was REALLY standing there, looking at a view she’d only ever seen in pictures, and DREAMED of. It was a magical moment for us both.
She got her second viewing a week later, along with a walk of FIVE THOUSAND MISSOURI MILES to see her beloved Tower Bridge.
Sad day when Betsy had to go back to MO., and then it was back to work with a bump. Work, work, work... and Skype. Gotta love Skype, for letting Betsy and me chat into the small hours together. Don’t love Facebook any more though: it may have been what brought Betsy and I together thanks to a couple of mutual ‘buddies’, but it causes too many issues for my liking. Staying only because Betsy wants me to - but waiting for Google+ to get busy.
Also got back into the website building malarkey with Betsy: it’s her job, and we both get a real kick from watching a site grow.
Now just waiting for Betsy’s house to sell... and then our time together can really get started. .. Open-mouthed smile

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