Monday, 25 May 2009

A World Of War

Earlier today I read a new poem by Sam Stone called 'The Dream', and it reminded me that I still hadn't dug out the old poem of mine that I'd been asked to post here ages ago (in fact, it was when I had my previous blog) - a bit late, I know, as it's was written for Remembrance in November... but I'll only forget again, so here it is now.

A World Of War

The final shot had been fired.
The last fighter fell,
His enemy wounded and still.
All was dark.
A lonely wind blew through the void,
Whispering its silent wail of senseless agony.
A river of blood burst over its banks of death.
Pain seeped into the earth.
All seemed lost to the world of war.
Trees lay in splinters,
Lands barren and torn.
A moment of peace.
A moment of calm.
The Poppies will grow once more.



Aimee said...

Trudy I really love it. The last bit about the poppies was perfect. They will grow anywhere even around death. Please if you have more share them. You have away with things. As always you keep surprising me. Love to you!

Unknown said...

Oh, it's very old - from before my daughter was born.
I leave such things to the talented now.